When Kids Don’t Listen: 7 Reasons Why Your Kids Are Tuning You Out

You’ve just come home from a long, busy day of work, errands, school and soccer practice. Dinner needs to be cooked, homework needs to be done, the dog needs to be fed, the house is a mess, and nobody is doing what they’ve been told. Sound familiar? You’re not alone.

I have received an overwhelming request for information about when kids don’t listen. So, as any reasonable therapist would do, I turned to my kids for insight on the matter. With their help, I have come up with 7 reasons why kids don’t listen:

1) They are kids and you are their parents. Sounds cliché, but really, part of their job is testing limits. It’s totally normal, albeit incredibly annoying.

2) They are trying to assert their independence. After all, you won’t be doing everything and making their decisions for them forever.

3) They are spoiled. You are always trying to please them and afraid of upsetting them, so you let them do and have whatever they want. If this is you, your kids know who’s really in charge, and it isn’t you.

4) They are easily distracted. Really. “ I was trying to listen Mom, but there is a Praying Mantis on the window, and it’s really cool. See?”

5) They’re busy doing something else, which is far more interesting than listening to you. And whatever it is, they think it’s incredibly important. Like carefully sorting Halloween candy into 12 separate categories, only to then throw it all back into one bag. Since whatever you are saying requires them to stop what they are doing, which they don’t want to stop, you lose.

6) You are boring. Partly because you are a grown up and all grown ups are boring, but also because you’re going on and on and on about something, and they stopped listening long ago.

7) They’re in a bad mood. Yep, kids are moody. From toddlers to teenagers, and every stage in between. If they come home from school tired and grumpy, the last thing they’re going to do is listen to you.

Sounds hopeless? It’s not. Now that you understand why you have kids that don’t listen, you can learn how to get your kids to listen. Stay tuned…that will be an upcoming topic.

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