Am I Losing My Mind?

Sometimes I feel like I am losing my mind. Really. With all the parenting stress and chaos children cause, it’s no wonder I haven’t already lost it completely. My mental health is put to the test each and every day, as I struggle to cope with stress. So, if you are an overwhelmed mom, dealing with stress, anxiety or depression, enjoy reading this. The following rambling is a glimpse into my mind and my life on a typical day as a busy mom:images

Oh, it can’t be 6:30am already, shhhh. Who’s crying? Why are they fighting already? Oh, it’s something very important. They’re fighting about socks. Yes, socks. Because between the two of them, they only have 40 pairs. Shhhh. I need my coffee. Sit down…eat your breakfast…shhh. They need their lunches. Did I put them in the backpacks yet? Let me check…on the way to fridge I see the note that they need their instruments today…where are they? Nobody packed the lunches??!! Oh…you forgot to pack your soccer bag for after school…Who has the orthodontist appointment today? I will pick you up early. Uh oh…who will pick up my other child? Oops, forgot to make arrangements. Don’t forget to find him a ride home.

Oh, your hair is in your face…remember to make haircut appointments for the boys…what’s that an email from your teacher? What? You’re behind on your work? You just told me you were all caught up! I can’t sign you up for sports today if you can’t keep up with your work. Drama…tears…I’m ruining his life. Oh I need to mail that package…I better go get it…on the way to get it, I see something sticky spilled on the floor. I better clean that up…I go to get a sponge. On the way to the sink, I notice crumbs all over the counter, so I stop to clean them up. This sponge is gross; I need to go the laundry room to get a clean one. On the way to the laundry room, I stop in the office. Why am I here? Does anyone know why I am here? Oh yes…the package. I never wiped up the floor. At least I remembered the package. What? Your permission slip is due today? I never saw it…you never gave it to me. What? You’re blaming me? Are you kidding? Oh no, it’s time to go, and I never answered your teacher’s email. Shhh…quiet it my car. Stop fighting. Bye, have a great day. I love you.

Remembered the kids get out early on Fridays. Forgot about Friday traffic. I’m late. What am I going to feed them for dinner tonight? Empty your lunch pails, show me your homework, put your clothes away. I still need to pack up for the weekend soccer tournament. Did I ever wash your uniforms? We have to leave at 6am. When did I last wash my hair? I need a shower. What’s for dinner? We’re hungry. Did I ever answer the teacher’s email? Why am I in the garage? What did I come in here to get? Brush your teeth. Brush your hair. No you didn’t. Do it again. Pick up your clothes. Hang up your towel. Did you wash yourself? Lights out. I don’t care if you’re not tired yet…I’m exhausted, and I can’t go to sleep until you do! Am I losing my mind? Welcome to parenthood.

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