Teen Girl Raped, Commits Suicide: Sex, Bullying and Technology Turned Lethal

I woke up in the morning and checked CNN.com for the news, only to find yet another story of a teen girl raped, humiliated, and bullied to her suicide (click here to read article). Even worse, as I read the article, my blood began to boil as I learned that the perpetrators got away with it. It’s time we stand up and stop tolerating this sort of crime. We must do a better job of teaching our children, both boys and girls, how to end this!130410135606-03-rehtaeh-0410-horizontal-gallery

As a parent, I cannot begin to imagine the pain this family must be experiencing, and what hell it has been since this crime was committed against their daughter. Young boys, who presumably thought their actions must have been funny, circulated pictures of this girl being violated by them. Others stood idly by, not helping this girl. I find this to be reprehensible.

I understand that teenagers are known for being horny idiots, and not known for using good judgment. Girls allow themselves to get into dangerous situations, and boys make poor decisions to take advantage of them. But I’d like to think we could do a better job of teaching our children right from wrong. I’d like to believe that even brain-dead teenagers know the difference between a stupid but harmless act, and a violent crime. I’d like to believe that there are still young people that will stand up for what’s right and do anything to prevent things that are wrong.

Furthermore, when something terrible happens, and a person is visibly suffering from it, there has to be a place to get help. Parents and teachers, even friends, must learn the signs of severe depression and suicidality. Nobody should ignore the signs, as we all have an obligation to help one another. Do not turn your back. This victim could have been anyone’s daughter, and the boys anyone’s sons. We all have a responsibility here. Rape, bullying, and suicide are serious issues that demand serious action. I hope I never have to read another article like this again.

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