What is hope? Hope is defined as the feeling that what is wanted can be had or that events will turn out for the best (Dictionary.com).



Like many, I have been closely following the news about the three women and the child that were rescued from captivity in Ohio. After so many years in atrocious, unbearable circumstances, most would give up hope and turn to despair. I wonder if I would even have the will to go on living in such a dire situation. And yet, at least one woman held on to at least a glimmer of hope, which ultimately saved the lives of all of those held captive.

How is it even possible to hold on to hope after nearly a decade of abuse and torture? I don’t know the answer. What I can say is that the human spirit is capable of amazing miracles. Having hope is what life really is about. It is what keeps us going, moving forward, striving to achieve goals, and surviving difficult times. For most of us, when misfortune strikes, we know that eventually things will get better, and so we keep on going, having hope.

When someone becomes suicidal, it is because they have given up hope and are facing despair. They do not believe that things will ever get better, and they don’t want to continue living in constant misery. They do not realize that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. One of the best things we can do to help someone who has lost hope, is to help them find that one tiny little glimmer of hope, a reason to live one more day, and then another, and then another. This is how to save a life.

I imagine that Amanda Berry did just that. She must have held on to one tiny little glimmer of hope and the belief that one day, maybe, she’d be free again. She never gave up, and her bravery for enduring the unthinkable, and her courage in the bold rescue, is truly heroic. For anyone feeling down and hopeless, I hope you can be inspired by this miracle.

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