It’s interesting to look at how dating has changed over the years. Dating in this day and age is bizarre, if not almost surreal. Texting has taken over phone calls, dates are met online, and much of the excitement and anticipation that used to happen while dating is gone.Woman

When I was young, I remember sitting by the phone with my friends waiting for a boy to call. There was excitement and anticipation…would he or would he not call? There were no answering machines or voicemail…not even call waiting. If you missed the call, you might never know he called.

Then came call waiting and answering machines (I don’t even remember which came first), and our lives were forever altered. I could talk on the phone while waiting for a call, and could leave the house and still know that someone called!! It seemed so freeing. There was always a lot of anticipation when rushing to check the answering machine upon returning home.

Fast forward a few more years, and then we got cell phones. Imagine that someone could call you even while you were out! Now the anticipation was limited simply to whether or not he would call. Still exciting, but knocked down a notch, for sure.

But no one could have predicted text messaging and the way it would change dating forever. Instant and constant availability. No more need for phone calls, during which meaningful conversations would happen. Gone are the days of long, late-night phone calls full of flirtation and getting to one another. It’s not ALL bad…everyone loves getting a little flirty text during the day just to know someone is thinking about you. But, more often than not, it is not accompanied by an equal amount of voice contact, and therefore is truly emotion-less.

Teens take it even to another extreme, in that they might have an entire relationship via text or social media. They may never have face-to-face contact at all. How does anyone learn about intimacy this way? They don’t. And social media allows them to follow each other’s every move. Seriously. Have you checked what your tweens and teens are doing on their phones? They are photo chronicling every minute of their day, and commenting on others. For example, “I’m at CPK (accompanied by a picture of their dinner)”. Then, “I’m home now” or “watching TV” or “GTG My mom is calling me”.

No matter how you look at it, the bottom line is these days, dating is bizarre. So go out, enjoy yourself, laugh about it, and go with it. These are the times.

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