Have you ever wondered how to be thankful when you’re not? It’s no easy task. With relationship problems, financial woes, workplace hardships, and difficult children, it’s no wonder we can’t always find something to be thankful for. Rather, it is easier to get stuck with negative thoughts and beliefs that everyone else has it better. But I’m here to tell you it’s not true, and remind you that it could ALWAYS be worse.African-American couple talks in kitchen

All you have to do is look around. There are children with special needs, homeless people, drug addicts, and battered women everywhere. People are dying of horrible diseases and enduring natural disasters. Children are being abused, and the elderly are lonely. Your problems just don’t measure up. So what’s the secret about how to be thankful?

My suggestion this holiday season is that you (and your family) volunteer for an organization that serves people in need. Or help out a friend whose child has special needs so she can have some time to take care of herself. Spending a day surrounded by people much less fortunate than you can really help put things in perspective. Not only is it an act of loving kindness, but an impactful reminder of all the blessings in your life. Now go and count them. And be thankful.

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