Avoid Overindulging Your Children

Are you guilty of overindulging your children? Many of us are, especially during the holidays. And then we wonder why they act like obnoxious, spoiled brats. And too many parents fail to recognize that overindulging children contributes to those very bratty behaviors that we wish we never saw. So, how can you avoid falling into this trap during the holidays? Here is a list of 5 ways to avoid overindulging your children this holiday season:Girl at Christmas Time

1. Set a realistic, manageable budget to spend on your children for the holidays, and then stick to it. No matter what!

2. Do not feel obligated to buy every single thing they want or put on their list. They might as well learn now how to delay gratification and handle disappointment.

3. Create meaningful family traditions and rituals around the holidays. This is far more valuable than anything you can buy, and will stick with them forever. Can you say the same about that Furby?

4. Teach them about the gift of sharing by dropping off some home baked cookies at the fire station. While you’re at it, take your kids to pick up some toys, books or puzzles at the 99cent Store and donate them to less fortunate children. You could even volunteer to serve a meal to the homeless, or sing songs at the old age home nearby.

5. Don’t lose sight of the real meaning of the holidays. Talk about this with your children. And keep it close to your heart. Do not stress about throwing the perfect party, for example. Rather, acknowledge that spending time with friends and family is all that really matters.

So, sit back. Enjoy all of the fun, love, and joy around you. And be mindful that the messages you send your children now will stick with them forever. You can teach them to be materialistic and spoiled, believing they should always have everything they want, or you can teach them to be caring, giving, and compassionate people. It’s up to you. Happy Holidays.

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