As a busy woman, it’s easy to be overwhelmed…

Many women are literally running the show when it comes to their families.

There is so much pressure, stress, and so much to do when you are a mom—not to mention so many people to please. Unrealistic expectations or lack of assistance from your spouse can make it even worse.

As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, I specialize in providing support to women who are experiencing challenges of all varieties within any of the following areas:

As you know, being a mom comes with many inherent pressures.

This becomes even truer if you happen to be raising children with special needs, if you’re a single mom or a stepparent.

If you feel like you’re constantly doing things for everyone else and just about nothing for yourself, then you know what I am talking about.

It goes without saying that divorce can be an extremely trying time and event in anyone’s life.

While therapy can help you avoid divorce to begin with, if you do find yourself going through with it, you’ll be navigating new emotional territory…

You may even be trying to work out shared custody arrangements or begin life as a single mom. Divorce can ultimately be a positive experience, but it requires help to get to the other side safely.

Infertility / IVF

Only someone who’s been through infertility can truly understand what you’re going through.

There are so many myths out there surrounding the subject and feelings of guilt, shame and blame are such easy traps to fall into. It’s important to remember that it isn’t your fault and you’re certainly not alone.


The adoption process can be frustrating and maddening, at least at times.

Even once you finally adopt a child, it’s more of a beginning than an end. Getting guidance from a therapist with experience in this area is a must.

I’ve been through every single one of the scenarios I’ve just described—personally. And I can help you get through them, too.