Considering divorce as an option

Therapy CAN help with challenges and issues that make married life complicated and even difficult.

Deciding whether or not divorce is the right path to take depends on your own unique situation and circumstances. But going through trouble in your marriage is tough, and it may not be the time to rely solely on your own judgment to make important and potentially irreversible decisions.

You probably have friends and family you can rely on for support and advice. But talking with someone who is professionally trained to help you during this difficult time can be a huge relief and help you decide whether divorce is really the best option for you at this point in your life.

Get help going through divorce

Even if you and your spouse do end up deciding that divorce is actually the best option, there will be lots of additional things to consider.

For many women, divorce is the most painful life event they ever go through. Others have a more difficult time with the periods leading up to the divorce itself.

While divorce is generally unique for everyone, most people experience a wide range of emotions, hopes and disappointments. And the process itself can be long and complicated. Getting help early can make things much easier for you as you go through it.

Not only is this a critical time to have an outlet for your emotions and someone who empathizes with your situation, but it’s also important to get guidance from someone who’s been through the process and helped others get through it as well.

Taking care of you through divorce

Because of all the challenges involved,
it’s easy to forget about taking care of yourself, both during and after divorce.

Remember that you need and deserve to be taken
care of!

Divorce can be such a turbulent time. Depression, anxiety and guilt are all common feelings. I’ll help you through the process of becoming more resilient, flexible, and staying strong. And I don’t expect you to just “be positive”—there’s real, raw stuff to deal with. But you can get through it.

Pain and challenges don’t end with divorce

Many people think divorce will solve all their problems.

The reality is that while we hope it will solve some, it will also likely bring along a whole new set of challenges—ones you may not be experienced with and might even be unable to anticipate.

Some of these can include:

  • Being a single mother
  • Sharing custody of children
  • Starting to date again after divorce

Therapy with me will give you the emotional support that anyone would need to be able to navigate these challenges effectively. You’ll also have help creating a plan and getting the tools and techniques you’ll need to deal with new issues as they arise in the future.

Remember, I’ve been through everything you’re feeling, and I specialize in helping people just like us get through this very tough part of life. I’ve learned that divorce is something people get through—together.