Infertility doesn’t have to be a lonely experience

Only someone who's been through infertility can really "get it".

I know that:

  • Struggling with infertility can be the most painful time of your life
  • Fertility treatments can affect hormones and result in physical and emotional symptoms
  • Costs, procedures and feelings of hopelessness abound
  • Fertility problems can be a huge strain on your relationship

It's easy to blame yourself or your spouse for the inability to conceive, but this can cause serious rifts in your relationship and make problems even worse.

Having someone you can talk to and seek support from is critical. I'll show you how to get closer to your partner so you can try to conceive together, collaboratively, instead of working against each other when you need each other most.

Infertility can strain relationships

When you’re trying to get pregnant, it seems like everyone is having babies.

This can be true when it comes to friends and family, people at the mall and grocery store - even at events or on TV. And it can be maddening to try so hard to be happy for others who are having children while you are wallowing in your own pain.

I also know that those who haven't experienced the travails of infertility can come across as insensitive.

My clients get the benefits of talking to someone who understands their situation from the inside out, and you can too. One of the results of therapy with me is learning to manage the way infertility affects your relationships at all levels.

IVF challenges

Infertility treatments can take their toll, too.

For IVF candidates, the financial and emotional costs are high. Regular treatments, ultrasounds and other tests can produce stress, anxiety and physical symptoms, further complicating an already difficult time.

Because of this, it’s important to choose a therapist that understands IVF specifically in addition to just having general knowledge about infertility.

Feelings about infertility are complicated

Stress levels need to be kept in check.

Many women actually get pregnant after long bouts with infertility—so if you’re in the middle of one, you may be experiencing feelings of grief for something you may still achieve.

Regardless of where you currently are in the process of trying to bring a child into the world, I’ll give you a safe place to voice your feelings and teach you how to process them in the most productive and healthful way possible.