Are you feeling the pressures of being a parent?

Chances are the answer is YES.

Many of my clients are so busy taking care of their families that they’ve forgotten how
to take care of themselves.

Shopping, cooking, cleaning, driving carpool and doing just about everything else for your family
can leave you burned out and feeling like you’re going to "lose it."

Added pressures can make it seem impossible, like…

  • Caring for kids with special needs
  • Being a single mom
  • Parenting stepchildren

I know - I’ve been there. So many of my clients feel that talking to someone who really "gets it" helps them feel
better quickly and take steps to remedy the situation for the long term.

Talk to someone who understands

You may be neglecting yourself emotionally

If you aren’t happy, your relationships will suffer too.

You're probably a good mother, good wife and a good daughter. But if you never get to do anything for yourself, something needs to be fixed.

You need to remember that you are a complete person! And you are just as important as the people you’re caring for.

I'll show you how to keep being supermom and tend to your own needs too, in a way that will benefit everyone in your family.


Imagine your family as a healthy functioning system.

Reconnecting with yourself can lead to a more balanced family life and more enjoyable and fulfilling relationships with your spouse and your children.

In other words, by not neglecting yourself anymore, everyone in your family will be better off—including you.

Change through beliefs

Exploring what you believe is the first step toward improvement.

I'll help you challenge and replace deep beliefs that aren't quite accurate - such as feeling you're less important
than everyone else - as well as the resulting unhealthful behavior patterns, like putting your own needs last.

You'll enjoy more productive behavior, and everyone in your family will benefit too.

Stop the pressure now

Don't let things boil over.

One metaphor I like to use about parenting pressure is: "It's like a teapot. If you don't let steam out, the lid can blow right off."

Remember, there’s only so much you can do for your spouse and children if you aren't happy. So please don't wait any longer.