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Avoid Overindulging Your Children

Are you guilty of overindulging your children? Many of us are, especially during the holidays. And then we wonder why they act like obnoxious, spoiled brats. And too many parents fail to recognize that overindulging children contributes to those very bratty behaviors that we wish we never saw. So, how can you… Read More >>

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How to Survive Summer Vacation With Kids: 5 Tips

Are you wondering how to survive summer vacation with kids? Do you find it funny that it’s even called summer vacation? Who is it a vacation for? The children…definitely. The teachers…usually. The parents…not a chance! Having your kids home day after day, week after week, can make even the best parent go… Read More >>

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Entitled Children: Have We Gone Too Far?

Many feel that we are raising a generation of entitled children worse than ever before. We give constant praise for mediocrity and fear damaging our children’s self-esteem if we are honest. But have we gone too far? Last week, one of my friends wrote on Facebook “my son just received a trophy… Read More >>

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