A therapist who’s been
there…and back

Are you a stressed out mom?
Maybe you’ve even been faced with...

A rough divorceBeing a single momRaising a child with special needs
The heartache of infertility or travails of adoption

Lori Freson MA, MFT

Family pressures can be exhausting and overwhelming

It’s easy to feel stuck trying to be the “good wife” and perfect mother—a super achiever managing a busy household, raising bright and active kids, and caretaking relationships.

Worse yet, when you get tired or burned out, it’s easy to feel as if you’re failing your family and yourself.

Well I’m here to tell you that the voice inside you screaming “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!” is right...

You too need and deserve to be taken care of

Here’s some good news: many of my clients begin to feel some relief after just one therapy session with me.

Wondering how that can be possible? It’s because I’ve been there…I mean I’ve actually surmounted all of the challenges I just described—personally.

With my firsthand experience, I can’t help but understand and empathize with what you’re going through. And I know how to cut right through to the deeper issues and help you start feeling better and gaining control as quickly as possible.

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Parenting Support

Are you neglecting yourself emotionally?

You may be so busy taking care of your family that you’ve forgotten to take care of yourself.

Find out how to reconnect with yourself AND improve your family life
at the same time.


It’s tough to overstate the challenges of marital relationships.

Therapy CAN help. But if divorce is inevitable, you’ll need to understand the challenges that go along with it.

Find out more from someone who’s been there—and back.


Only someone who’s experienced infertility and adoption can really get it.

Learn about infertility and adoption and deal with the stressors involved.

Get more intimacy and communication with your spouse and deal with challenges as a team.