Couples Therapy / Divorce

Relationships aren’t always easy. It takes a lot of work to maintain a strong connection. It’s easy to pull away when things are tough, but harder to find your way back.

There can be many stressors for couples, such as work, children, money, and sex, that can derail even the strongest of relationships. 

I will help you improve communication with your partner, which can lead to a more satisfying relationship. You will learn the tools and techniques you need to deal with new issues as they arise in the future.

Relationships Can Be Hard

Therapy can help with the challenges and issues that make marriage and relationships complicated and difficult.

When You Have Made the Choice to Separate or Divorce

If you decide that separation or divorce is actually the best option, there will be many things to consider. 

Most people experience a wide range of emotions, hopes, and disappointments, and the process itself can be long and frustrating. During this difficult time, talking with someone who is professionally trained in a supportive environment can help you navigate the obstacles and feelings you may encounter. 

I can help you manage the stress and feelings that arise during this very difficult time in your life.